Our Clientele

In early 2005, Vivek & Sangeeta co-founded Brickwork India with an idea to provide the benefits of outsourcing available to individuals and small to mid-sized companies (SME's), by providing simple to complex business assistance, at an affordable price.

From its first project on market research for Credit Suisse, till date, Brickwork has supported clientele across 134 countries and delivered more than 29,000 plus projects. Its clientele ranges from Fortune 500 companies, SME's and start-ups to innovative entrepreneurs and busy CXOs across 52 plus industries. Some of the clients who have leveraged REA support include well known industrialists, senators, media celebrities, Sr. Consultants, Wall Street firms, advisor to US president and CXO's from large enterprises.



  • Fortune 500 Companies                       
  • Large Enterprises
  • SMBs                                                            
  • Professionals
  • Start-ups