Raghavendra Reddy


Describe your current role at Brickwork

As a Senior Team Lead, my role is to provide guidance, motivate, mediate right direction, drive performance, facilitate goals & achievements, empower and monitor quantitative & qualitative achievements of my team. I also influence team members to inculcate discipline in their day to day activities. My role demands me to lead high complexity engagements which requires keen eyes to details.  Towards the organization, I thrive to be an example, focusing on organizational goals, focusing on the big picture, committed and maintain high integrity.

How does Brickwork give you the autonomy to make decisions?

At a middle management level, I do have certain liberation to take decisions.  I also have my mentors who help me take the right decisions on a timely manner, often with healthy debates to conclude right decisions.

How would you describe the culture at Brickwork?

Having worked with few MNCs, the culture at Brickwork is immensely employee friendly, ready to change how it functions, open door policy which indeed is an open-door policy.  Brickwork is one organization that takes employee grievance and take corrective actions, accepting employee ideas and implementing it. Well, I was awarded for posting the maximum ideas and the majority were implemented.

What are you an Ace at?

Managing extremely difficult & complex engagements and driving new initiatives to team members. Managing multiple projects (internal and external) without impeding quality. I am also known to bring low performers up to the speed.

What are your interests outside of work?

I am a biker and I have 2 bikes, 1 scooter in my collection.  I am also interested in vintage/classic mopeds and scooters. I started running for fun and now am a marathon runner, aiming to complete a full marathon in under 7 hours.  I have started cycling as well. I like horror movies, listening to any songs with good music.  My 2020 plan is to join the MMA.

What does a typical day look like for you and what are you currently working on?

My typical day starts from checking emails and calendar followed by activities that needs my immediate attention.  As a lead, I prefer to address team member concerns and issues on priority.  Since I am good at multi-tasking, I also complete simple tasks in between. In addition to managing my own engagement, team, internal and external stakeholders, I also lead 5 high complexity projects and mentor team members with their queries and concerns irrespective of their team.
Currently, I am one of the team members who are working on B-SET and part of the QA process. I also helped streamline the organization new hire training documentations this year.  With that, I would like to see any other opportunities to lend my knowledge.

What has been the most empowering moment in your Brickwork career journey?

I started my career in Brickwork as Business Support Executive and today my role is Senior Team Lead, this is one of the examples to talk about how I am empowered by my organization.  Sangeeta, CEO, Brickwork has stood by me during difficult client interviews, she has guided and mentored me personally.  Rajesh Pai, VP, Brickwork has been a great mentor who has always been there when needed. Srinivas K Murthy, Manager, a great mentor who has taught me a lot of statistical thinking. What else an employee needs from an organization?
I could lead an extremely important vendor audit conducted by the customer and we cracked it in flying colors.  This is the moment I will remember.

Why do you stay at Brickwork?

I would say, I was lucky.  I started my career in Brickwork at the right time.  Brickwork had started to mature and evolve, so did I along with the organization.  Brickwork has trust in me, and I have trust on it in return.  My job is safe, I have peace of mind and I can enjoy my personal life (work life balance). I am also kept on my toes with significant challenges thrown at me. I will complete 8 years in Brickwork on October 31st and I eagerly look forward to complete 10 years.