Our Culture

Brickwork corporate values, the diversity of our work, our deep connection with our customers and our supportive culture all serve as inspiration to employees. We inspire by living our corporate through consistent messaging; by listening and collaborating with employees; by giving them opportunities to bring out their performance and goodness of their hearts; and with our celebratory culture.

Founder Philosophy

Brickwork has symbolised the Founder Philosophy with the characteristics of 4 Indian animals – HORSE for courage; ELEPHANT for its versatility, CAMEL for it perseverance and resourcefulness; COW for its positivity and giving nature.

To serve as reminders in our day-day to work, these animals are etched on all our meeting room and cabin glass walls.


Brickwork has consciously crafted a value-driven culture that promotes diversity as well as our 8 below listed corporate values. Brickwork corporate values are instilled in all our employees, who display commitment through sincerity, integrity and accountability in all their actions.

  1. Be Honest. Showcase Integrity
  2. Stay Committed. Be Accountable
  3. Be Disciplined. Stay Consistent
  4. Be Proactive. Be Vigilant
  5. Look to Collaborate
  6. Focus on Continuous Improvement
  7. Be Adaptable. Change is Certain
  8. Be Caring and Be Sharing

Listening & Collaborating

  1. Eureka Hub: Platform to submit innovative ideas and                        suggestions
  2. Pulse check: To measure the happiness meter
  3. CEO Connect: Skip level meetings
  4. Accessibility of leaders: Open door policy
  5. Women’s support group: To support and address concerns
  6. Grievance Redressal: To ensure safe and secure
  7. Culture houses: To increase collaboration across the teams




Brickwork believes in creating a culture of gratitude, which can be witnessed in the numerous ways that employees and customers are thanked at every opportunity. It could be thanking our tenure employees for their loyalty, sharing an employee’s customer testimonial with entire organisation, by giving stuffed animals to colleagues who display values. It is often the small acts that deserve gratitude and encouragement and we ask our managers to constantly watch out for those silent workers who achieve big things by their small acts.


Brickwork India has been an early adopter of corporate social responsibility and has 2 platforms for giving back to society:

Brickwork Foundation was set up in 2009. The vision is to build a strong nation by empowering the underprivileged youth, through quality education & employment and committing to environmental sustainability for the future. Our CEO Sangeeta Kulkarni has personally driven all the initiatives and programs She is very passionate about serving the underprivileged in a systematic manner and believes that all activities of the Foundation should contribute to Nation-building.

Brickwork Cares: This is a volunteering platform for our employees to do community service and get involved in humanitarian and nation-building activities. One of our founder philosophies is “to be generous like the Cow”.  We could see the true generosity and goodness in our employees when they joyfully engaged in activities like going house to house to collect used items, segregating and packing used clothing, playing games with orphans and senior citizens, serving food to those less fortunate, giving their valuable time to train students, donating money and articles for flood & earthquake victims and many more…


Continuous Improvement

Brickwork is a strong believer of continuous improvement and re-invents itself every year. Whether is investing in latest technologies, improving process and procedures or the service offered. There is always change in the year. And we expect our employees to be agile, adapt and welcome all the changes in their stride.




We are committed to diversity and inclusion and ensure that there is no scope for discrimination in our HR practices. We focus only on performance and disregard gender, religion, State, language based biases. Today 36% of our workforce is women. We have hired talents from 23 out of the 29 states in India. We are an equal opportunities company with 50% of the leadership team being women. In terms of religion, our workforce replicates the population demographics of the country. We celebrate all major festivals with equal enthusiasm and believe that such celebrations create an environment of inclusivity and solidarity. Our diversity helps us to attract and retain the best talent and suppliers.


At Brickwork cultural activities & festivals are conducted round the year  

  1. Culture houses to conduct all activities
  2. Celebrate all major festivals in a traditional manner
  3. Comprehensive RnR program to recognise and celebrate                  performance