Career Path

            Brickwork offers many opportunities to learn new skills, challenge you, hone your project management and leadership skills to carve a successful career for you at Brickwork.

Choose your career stream based on your expertise

  1.   Business Support
  2.   Business Research Analyst
  3.   Business Development
  4.   Accounting & Bookkeeping
  5.   Data Analysis
  6.   Digital Marketing
  7.   IT Development
  8.   Graphic Design
  9.   Facilities & Admin
  10. Finance & Payroll
  11. Human Resources
  12. System Engineer

Dual Career Progression

At Brickwork, employees get to choose from the Dual Career Path, based on their competencies and interests.

Operations Track - If you are a people person and get the best out of them, you can choose the ‘Operations Track’ where you will start by mentoring a small team and move up to managing a larger team, learning the art of team operations, people management and leadership.

Projects Track - If you are more of an individual contributor and focused on technical excellence, you can choose the ‘Projects Track’ where you become the technical Go-To person, as you establish yourself as a subject matter expert (SME), technical trainer or a quality auditor.

Build your competencies

  1. Well defined roles and responsibilities
  2. Competency mapping and career development plans (CDPs)
  3. Professional development:

                  a. Behavioural trainings 
                  b. Technical trainings
                  c. On-the-job training
                  d. Knowledge sharing sessions
                  e. Management development programs   



Experience Success

  1. Focus on achieving your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  2. Participate in professional development programs
  3. Discuss you Career Development Plan (CDP) with your                    manager
  4. Execute and  monitor your progress consistently
  5. Focus on quality and continuous improvement





Gain Recognition

  1. Win performance based weekly, fortnightly, quarterly, bi-annual        & annual awards
  2. Get Spot recognition for customer testimonials
  3. Contribute innovative ideas/suggestions & see them                          implemented
  4. Participate and win in sports and cultural activities
  5. Be a role model and win the culture warrior award